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Global Trafic Scorecard 2016 By INRIX

With population and economic growth around the world pressuring urban mobility, applying big data to understand and combat congestion is crucial to the health and development of our cities. The INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard uses a new methodology to provide a data-rich evaluation of urban travel, trafficc health and vibrancy across five continents. The visualization […]

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Roads To Rome

At least for Europe it is obvious: All roads lead to Rome! You can reach the eternal city on almost 500.000 routes from all across the continent. Which road would you take? To approach one of the biggest unsolved quests of mobility, the first question moovel.lab asked themselves was: Where do you start, when you […]

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Uber plans ride-sharing service to ease Dubai traffic

A new service by a global transportation network company could cut traffic, reduce pollution and make cab rides cheaper when it launches in the UAE. American firm Uber – inventors of a mobile app that uses your smartphone’s GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available Uber driver – is planning […]

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This won an urban design award from an APA chapter in California

read more about the project:

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41 amazing public-space transformations captured by Google Street View

See this amazing photo gallery: Cities are built for humans. But if you look at the layout of most of them, it looks like they’re made for cars. Especially in the world’s most populated places. In São Paulo, Brazil — which boasts more than 10 million residents — a third of the people travel […]

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