Cities Today – Newsletter, 16 January 2014

[image: Cities Today – Connecting the world's urban leaders] *Newsletter* 16 January 2014 São Paulo to introduce its first fleet of fully electric buses *15 January 2014* Nick Michell Urban Development Urban Mobility [image: The 12.2 metre BYD Battery-Electric Bus] São Paulo is preparing to roll out its first fleet of fully electric buses in an effort to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve the quality of the transport system. The city has already begun phasing out fossil fuel-powered buses as part of its goal to have the entire municipal bus fleet run on renewable fuels by 2018. * Read more * [image: Intermodes] Seventy-three cities join European energy campaign *13 January 2014* Roman Rollnick Energy Efficiency [image: Within the 73 cities the average citizen has reduced their annual CO2 emissions by 11%] From its beginnings in the German city of Heidelberg, a campaign to get ordinary citizens in Europe to start saving energy and reduce their pollution has grown to 73 towns and cities. * Read more * [image: GSMA Mobile World Congress] London unveils plans for new cycle network *12 January 2014* Nick Michell Public Safety Urban Development Urban Mobility [image: Andrew Gilligan, Cycling Commissioner for London] London is seeking public comment on its plans for a draft cycle network for central London, known as the Central London Grid, which proposes that a number of streets be closed to other traffic and that cyclists use 97 kilometres of backstreets dubbed Quietways. * Read more* [image: Smart Cities] UK city tests wireless charging route for buses *9 January 2014* Jonathan Andrews ICT and Cities Urban Mobility [image: The eight buses will operate for five years in a carefully monitored prorgramme] An all-electric bus route that will test whether electric buses can perform on a par with their diesel counterparts in an operational environment was launched today in the city of Milton Keynes. * Read more* [image: Metropolitan Solutions] Smart receipts to boost Dubai’s retail sector *3 January 2014* Jonathan Andrews ICT and Cities Urban Innovation [image: retailGreen] Dubai will be the first city to launch ‘smart receipts’ at all retail outlets as the city seeks to align the retail sector with its smart city initiative. * Read more* [image: Arab Future Cities Summit] New report highlights best practices for pro-poor mobility *18 December 2013* Editor Featured Urban Development Urban Mobility [image: Informal auto rickshaw services have been improved by better fleet organisation in Rajkot city, India] *Though the trend of urbanisation has accelerated economic growth, its rapid rate has been a cause of concern for most of the cities, especially in the context of mobility services. A new report from The Energy Resources Institute in India seeks to address some of the challenges. By Megha Kumar, Seema Singh, Sangeetha Ann Wilson and Akshima T Ghate* * Read more * Cities Today is a *PFD Media*publication. © Copyright PFD Publications Ltd. 2013. All rights reserved. Web marketing by *Communication Common.*