London underline. Scary or visionary?

One example of this thinking is The London Underline project (see the video below). Conceived in 2014, Gensler’s vision for the future of the metro would see London regenerate its disused subterranean spaces and surplus infrastructure into a dynamic new network of pedestrian paths, cycle links and cultural and retail places through the emergence of kinetic energy technology. Embracing London’s acceptance of alternative transport, as well as London’s growing urban curiosity to produce the first city-wide network of its kind in the world. The project won Best Conceptual Project at the London Planning Awards, hosted by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

We may not want to be a city of 20 or 30 million people but it is surely not too ambitious to imagine London doubling in size. It feels like that this is the moment to start planning for the next crucial step in London’s evolution and reflect on what it would mean to accommodate a population of 16 million people in the capital.

see the video: