Flood Risk in the road networks

[tags climate change, adaptation]

Road networks are essential for economic, social, environmental, and security reasons. Road networks are therefore considered critical networks according to the consequences of their disruptions. Because of the time and costs required for rebuilding, sustainable and long-term planning is crucial therefore, the consideration of flood risk constitutes an important input for decision making in planning this type of infrastructure. Flood risk analysis for road networks allows plans to be carried out in an appropriate manner, allocating resources for prevention, mitigation, and restoration.
When road networks are disrupted by a hazardous event, the effects can be critical for emergency management. Transportation lifelines are generally considered the most important in an emergency because of their vital role in the restoration of all other lifelines. Road network disruptions can threaten the ability to provide medical care and other critical services.

source: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/953881468189843526/pdf/100085-WP-P144982-Box393219B-PUBLIC-Flood-risk-in-roads-network.pdf