Foster + Partners to design all stations and trains for new Jeddah transport network

Foster + Partners has been appointed to design an £8 billion transport system for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that will encompass a network of new metro, ferry, bus, and cycle terminals.

Norman Foster’s London-based firm, which was rumoured to be working on the project back in October 2014, has signed a contract reportedly worth £54 million to develop a long-term vision for the future of the city’s transport infrastructure.

The masterplan will include the design of all new metro stations, the trains and the branding. Foster + Partners will also create a series of new public spaces beneath the elevated railway tracks.

"Designed in response to the local climate, the masterplan is city-wide and draws on the high-density, compact urban model of the ancient quarter of Al Balad, with its mixture of uses and comfortable, walkable shaded streets," said the firm in a statement.