It’s good to (car) share: Why Moscow residents are crazy about the service

Getting Russians to trade in their wheels for short term rented vehicles may seem like an impossible task, but car sharing is seriously catching on in the country.

From time to time, Moscow resident Nikolay Murza drives to work in a Mercedes CLA.

“Mercedes is like Apple [tech company]. The cars are expensive, but they grab attention, the functions are intuitive and user-friendly,” Nikolay said. But he is not a high roller – he’s a design engineer and a regular user of car sharing services. He chooses not to squeeze onto a crowded Metro train during his daily commute – testing nice cars and writing reviews has become his hobby.

One of the biggest Russia’s car sharing company – Delimobil – was founded in 2015, offering 100 cars for minute-by-minute lease in Moscow. In two years its fleet has grown to 1,500 vehicles. With the booming popularity of the service, there are now six similar companies vying for clients in the Russian capital – with two more in St. Petersburg.

According to Forbes, last year the car sharing market in Russia’s capital quadrupled. This year, it’s expected to grow another 70 percent. Potentially, the number of cars in the sharing service can blossom from 10,000 to 15,000 from the 2,650 currently available. So, why is it such a rapidly expanding business? Users have shared their views with Russia Beyond.

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