Just 1 in 4 European Cities Fully Prepared for Climate Change

*Seven out of ten European cities have no formal plans to adapt to climate change and one in three cities have no plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions according to new research.* The shocking news comes from research by Diana Reckien of Columbia University in the US and 11 European colleagues published in the journal Climatic Change, involving questionnaires followed up by interviews and investigation to find out exactly what cities are doing to protect themselves or curb emissions. It does not just rely on published policies. The team analysed 200 large (over 250,000 population) and medium-sized (about 50,000) urban areas in 11 European countries and ranked the countries accordingly. read the full article: http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/david-thorpe/211596/just-1-4-european-cities-fully-prepared-climate-change