Kutsuplus in Helsinki will make driving license useless

Ten years from now, transportation in Helsinki may operate very differently from the current system. The service will be run by transportation operators, through which the regular citizen can buy all they want with a click. This does not only entail public transportation within the city, but also carpool, taxi, a train ticket to Tampere or parking fees in the city centre. For more information, here: http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/11062-the-future-resident-of-helsinki-will-not-own-a-car.html And here: https://kutsuplus.fi/tour Per maggiori informazioni, qui: http://www.lastampa.it/2014/07/21/tecnologia/mobilit-sostenibileentro-il-i-cittadini-di-helsinki-potranno-spostarsi-senzauto-n7TGxK6Jj6qETlZpt8rvqJ/pagina.html