Los Angeles Just Voted to Try Simple, Readable Parking Signs

Los Angeles’s *parking signage* is the stuff of legend. Frustratingly enigmatic and occasionally just straight-up absurd , it’s spawned apps to help decipher it and driven some to call for a parking revolution . But the city just made the first step in finding a solution and better signs are hitting (some) streets immediately. Yesterday, the City Council’s Transportation Committee voted to test a new, simpler design over the *next 45 days*; after the pilot run, the LADOT will “report back on possible implementation strategies [of] such style parking signs throughout the city.” The motion includes a sample that looks like it was created by Brooklyn-based designer named Nikki Sylianteng , who’s spent some time in LA—her design “denot[es] *free times in green and unavailable times in red*, while also indicating the 12-hour parking cycle by time and day,” rather than just presenting a jumble of contradictory words and numbers. (The motion says the pilot will test something “similar to the example.”) Unfortunately, the motion doesn’t say *where* the pilot program will take place, butplease let us know <la@curbed.com> if you see it in glorious action. source: http://la.curbed.com/archives/2014/10/los_angeles_just_voted_to_try_simple_readable_parking_signs.php