Moving Toward Climate Resilient Transport

Stakeholders and international institutions are producing with great excitement reflections and guidelines for the development of climate-proof transport systems. Mobility is the lymphatic system of world economy, of services for citizens and quality of life. It represents one of the Disaster Risk Management tool that amplifies the need for robustness.

The WB document frames in an efficient and essential way peculiarities of

mobility within the discussion on adaptation to climate change.

Road vulnerability to floods: proposed criteria of criticality (Belize – annex III)

  1. condition:

  1. pavement Maintenance Condition / Bridge Condition

  2. Drainage channel condition

  3. shoulder condition

  4. time required for reconstruction

adequacy regarding Current Demand / Level of use

  1. level of service

  2. number of lanes

dependency on the road

  1. existence of alternative routes

connectivity between production sites , (air)ports and border crossing

  1. production

  2. processing

  3. export

access to socially vulnerable population

  1. above age of 60

  2. below age of 8

  3. self-reported vulnerability

access of relief services to communities

  1. number of villages connected by the road

  2. population connected to relief supply by road

use as essential part of the evacuation network

  1. index based on population dimension needing road for evacuation