Strasbourg has a highly developed public transport system, within which the tram has proved to be a game changer for getting around within the conurbation. Low-charge monthly season tickets are available for users.

Strasbourg and its public transport system

With its 6 lines (A/B/C/D/E/F), 56 km of tracks in commercial operation, 69 stations and 300,000 daily users,Strasbourg’s tram system is the largest in France.

The City’s bus system has 30 urban lines, with 283 buses, and 11 interurban lines with 57 buses, which together carry passengers over 11,000,000 km every year.

Bus / Tram interchange stations are specially designed to facilitate fast and safe switching between different modes of transport, and are easily accessible for special-needs passengers.

With the Park-and-Ride network, motorists can park near a tram station and be in the city centre within a few minutes, without having to worry about traffic or parking. The driver and passengers can buy a flat-rate group ticket that covers both parking charges and a return ticket with the Tram. Park and Ride car parks are open Mondays to Saturdays, from 7 AM to 8 PM. Outside these hours, parking is free but users need to buy a ticket for the Tram.

Tram lines

  • Tram A: from Illkirch Lixenbuhl to Hautepierre Maillon
  • Tram B: from Hoenheim station to Lingolsheim Tiergaertel
  • Tram C: from Neuhof R. Reuss to the central railway station
  • Tram D: from Rotonde to Aristide Briand
  • Tram E: from Robertsau Boecklin to Baggersee
  • Tram F: from Place d’Islande to Elsa

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