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Bike Sharing Milano

PedalaMi è un progetto di visualizzazione e analisi basato sui dati di BikeMi, il servizio di bike sharing di Milano. Utilizzando i dati relativi ai primi cinque anni del servizio PedalaMi presenta applicazioni e infografiche per aiutare l’interpretazione di questi dati. Visita il sito ufficiale per dati e analisi sul servizio BikeMi: Guarda il […]

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Mapping The Worldwide Bike Sharing Phenomenon

Bike sharing is just starting to really catch on in the U.S., but it’s huge all over the world. These maps show the systems in cities from Moscow to Rio. The growth of bike sharing is phenomenal. At last count, there were at least 500 schemes worldwide, from the largest (Paris, with 18,380 bikes), to […]

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Velobike starts in Moscow, the city opens its bike-share service

In the city of Moscow, Russia, a bike-sharing program was recently launched with 220 red bicycles at 30 stations. Read more at Russia has not been terribly active where alternative energy is concerned (not necessarily because they are oil-rich), but recently it has shown some interest in reducing its reliance on fossil fuels – […]

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