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Roads To Rome

At least for Europe it is obvious: All roads lead to Rome! You can reach the eternal city on almost 500.000 routes from all across the continent. Which road would you take? To approach one of the biggest unsolved quests of mobility, the first question moovel.lab asked themselves was: Where do you start, when you […]

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New interactive map helps to show cycle routes and indicates their conditions and safety quality. The area is only administrative city boundaries of Milano. link:,9.19119/45.45582,9.22066/m

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The economic benefits of cycling in EU-27

Around 655,000 people work in the cycling related sectors already as of today in the EU, most of them in cycle tourism. If cycling’s modal share were to be doubled, more than 400,000 additional jobs could be created, reaching a total of more than 1 million jobs in the cycling economy. The study also came […]

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