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Let’s MOVE: Belo Horizonte’s First BRT Brings Mobility and Opportunity

This weekend, Belo Horizonte joins the growing number of cities in Brazil and around the world bringing the benefits of high-quality sustainable transit to its citizens. On March 8, the city opened the first of three planned corridors of MOVE, Belo Horizonte’s first BRT system. The new corridor runs along Avenida Cristiano Mahcado and follows […]

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Do we really need sexy mass transit vehicles?

*Cities like Wellington have a strong case for choosing BRT over light rail when it comes to transit expansion, especially when looking for an efficient and low cost solution. Plus, riders may ultimately not really care how sexy a transit vehicle is — provided it picks them up soon and takes them where they need […]

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Nuovo sito dedicato al BRT

Appena lanciato un sito con notizie quotidiane (da verificare) su BRT. Eco il link del sito:

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