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Towards New Urban Mobility – The case of London and Berlin

The study demonstrates how London and Berlin have both seen a pronounced trend towards new urban mobility with considerable increases in walking, cycling, public and shared transport, as well as substantial reductions in car use and ownership. It reveals that less than one in six residents in each city display a strong identification with car […]

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Norman Foster unveils plans for elevated ‘SkyCycle’ bike routes in London

Gliding through the air on a bike might so far be confined to the fantasy realms of singing nannies and aliens in baskets, but riding over rooftops could one day form part of your regular commute to work, if Norman Foster has his way. Read the full article:

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What Copenhagen can teach us about cycling?

From ‘green wave’ traffic lights and majestic harbour bike bridges to digital countdowns and foot rests at junctions, the Danish capital is full of clever ideas to improve city cycling. Read the full article:

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The economic benefits of cycling in EU-27

Around 655,000 people work in the cycling related sectors already as of today in the EU, most of them in cycle tourism. If cycling’s modal share were to be doubled, more than 400,000 additional jobs could be created, reaching a total of more than 1 million jobs in the cycling economy. The study also came […]

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Velo: a book about bike culture

Cycling is an attitude. It is good for the environment and for those who ride! Velo, published by Gestalten, promotes biking as a primary form of transport, whether in the urban environment or the rural countryside, telling the story of the ever evolving bike culture prevalent in all parts of the globe.

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