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Here they come (maybe): California weighs driverless cars on public roads

As urban mobility becomes a top priority for many cities, driverless cars and the technologies that make them possible are attracting a lot of attention from city leaders and planners. And rightly so. The technologies are evolving rapidly as car makers like Council Lead Partner Daimler company Mercedes Benz and tech giants like Associate Partner […]

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Is This Planned Ghost Town the City of the Future?

At the end of a six-mile road in a dry valley in southern New Mexico, researchers are building a first-of-its-kind testing ground for the future. Here among the cottonwoods and coyotes, they are creating a city designed to serve as a living laboratory for the latest in cutting-edge technology, such as goods-delivering drones and roads […]

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IF autonomous vehicles rule the World | From horseless to driverless

Overturning industries and redefining urban life, self-driving cars promise to be as disruptive and transformative a technology as the mobile phone Source:

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