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Connectivity and Public Transport

This articles illustrates an innovative analytic methodology that Systematica experimented within the awarded consortium for Moscow River Competition. Systematica focused the analysis in two main field of research: 1) connectivity of the road network and 2) public transport accessibility. These spatial qualities have been used to categorized and classify the different intervention areas and define […]

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UA Chosen to Redesign Moscow’s Novoperedelkino Subway Station

More than 300,000 Moscow citizens have chosen U-R-A | United Riga Architects to redesign the Novoperedelkino metro station . Aiming to revive the tradition of unique designs for Moscow metro stations, the winning scheme plans to illuminate the underground station with a series of lighted metal panels perforated with archetypal Moscow motifs. read the full […]

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Moscow metro opens virtual library of Russian classical literature

Its design is already hailed as a masterpiece of modern art, now Moscow’s metro system is increasing its cultural credentials by opening a virtual library of Russian classical literature. More than 100 canonical Russian books have been made available for commuters to download for free on train platforms, where scanning a code with a smartphone […]

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$900M Planned for Moscow Transport Hubs

The Russian Direct Investment Fund, or RDIF, is ready to spend 34 billion rubles ($900 million) to help Russian Railways build nine transport hubs in Moscow, a news report said. Transport hubs are defined as any zone where passengers move between two modes of transport, including train stations, bus stops and parking lots. Although negotiations […]

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Interview with Yury Grigoryan. About “Archeology of the Periphery” research

*We talked to the architect Yury Grigoryan about research that a team of experts is preparing under his guidance for the Moscow Urban Forum. The research, entitled “Archaeology of the Periphery”, examines Moscow’s outskirts from different perspectives – governance and culture, architecture and sociology, economics and statistics – and promises to be of interest to […]

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Velobike starts in Moscow, the city opens its bike-share service

In the city of Moscow, Russia, a bike-sharing program was recently launched with 220 red bicycles at 30 stations. Read more at Russia has not been terribly active where alternative energy is concerned (not necessarily because they are oil-rich), but recently it has shown some interest in reducing its reliance on fossil fuels – […]

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