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Mumbai is on the verge of imploding

Residents of this overburdened and polluted megacity are held hostage by a politician-builder nexus that allows rampant ‘development’ to fuel its descent into urban hell. read the full article:

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From traffic flow to pedestrian access: Shifting Mumbai’s parking policy

In a recent study, the International Energy Agency (IEA ) projected that the area required for parking in India if motorization trends continue as they are today will reach between 10,000 and 20,000 square kilometers (3,861 to 7,722 square miles) by 2050 – an area up to 35 times the current size of the entire […]

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Mumbai’s rail commuters pay a high human price for public transport

At the height of the Mumbai rush hour getting on to a train is like trying to find somewhere to sit in a rugby scrum. On the platforms anyone wearing spectacles carefully puts them away. Travellers take a big breath and push forward into the tightly packed crowd, finally gaining a toehold on the running […]

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mumbai – From 2014, street parking to cost Rs 50 an hour

Beginning next year, be prepared to shell out Rs 50 for an hour’s parking at any civic pay-andpark site in South Mumbai, or other commercial areas such as Lower Parel and Bandra. The move, proposing an almost four-fold hike in street parking charges, is aimed to encourage people to use public parking lots (PPLs). The […]

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India’s second longest (17 km) flyover opened to public in Mumbai

Mumbai: India’s second longest flyover will be made open to the public in Mumbai on Thursday. Almost 17 kilometre long, it is dubbed as India’s longest flyover in an urban area in Mumbai. The much-awaited Eastern Freeway being thrown open Thursday ahead of schedule, after angry citizens tired of braving potholed, congested roads, protested the […]

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