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One Company Is Trying To Count And Track All Of New York City’s Pedestrians

How do you keep track of the mass of people moving around the country’s biggest city? Get access to all the cameras we’ve put up. Now you can know if the grocery store is crowded before you leave home. Source: Video:

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Iran Largest Bridge Inaugurates in Tehran

Tabiat bridge gives Tehrani people an opportunity to shake away their stress and exhaustion by just lingering their walk on the bridge and enjoy the marvelous view of whole Tehran. In the preliminary design, the bridge consists of a main body that crosses over Moddares highway. There are several walkways spreading through Talegani Park that […]

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Human Traffic Jam in Sao Paulo Metro Station

Almeno 15.000 manifestanti, 30.000 secondo gli organizzatori, sono scesi in piazza a San Paolo, in Brasile, per chiedere più alloggi e protestare contro gli sprechi legati ai mondiali di calcio. Nonostante la pioggia battente, si è trattato di uno dei cortei più imponenti degli ultimi mesi e tutto si è svolto in modo pacifico, anche […]

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