Why Tactical Transit is the Next Big Thing

The raffish, worldwide movement known as tactical urbanism appears poised to take on a meatier role in improving transit in bus corridors. By providing low cost, agile alternatives to lengthy street improvement processes, “tactical transit” has the ability to jump start virtuous cycles of increasing bus ridership by speeding up travel times, improving passenger experience and enhancing overall perceptions of riding the bus.

Tactical urbanism has proven itself particularly adroit in demonstrating the efficacy and public support for protected bike lanes and plazas – the pedestrianization of Times Square of course the most visible, pioneering example. It now presents enormous potential to begin transforming the way that transportation agencies implement bus-related projects. Instead of undergoing lengthy procurement processes or depleting financial or political resources, transit agencies can begin improving the physical environment in which buses operate with the tools that can deliver in the near-term. Indeed, some cities are already leading the way.

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